“The topic of securing IT infrastructure is the demand of time. Everyday technology is evolving and government is striving to promote citizen centric service delivery system with the help of ICT and e-Governance. In this scenario it is more important that we discuss about securing the IT infrastructure and cyber space.
Talking about cyber crime, we must remember that the cyber criminal activities are designed to accomplish tasks such as stealing intellectual property, secretly listening to government communication and targeting government’s national security related sites.
On the other hand advanced persistent threats are mainly applicable to the advanced countries. But slowly these advanced persistent threats are moving to other countries also. Therefore, we need to be very careful of these activities. Government, education, service, aerospace, financial security and telecommunication sectors are the major target areas for cyber attacks. We need to be more careful as we are on the verge of using extensively cloud technology.
We are thinking of following the secure activation design and malware detection procedure to counter the threats of cyber crime in this present age of fast changing technology.”

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