eINDIA 2015 – Special Presentation – Nikhil Gandhi, Group President, SKIL Infrastructure Ltd

We are the infrastructure pioneers in this country. Our company started the first private sector infrastructure project in 1990, almost a year-and-a-half ahead of economic reforms introduced by then Finance Mnister Dr Manmohan Singh. We built India’s first private sector sea port, today’s largest railway line, first expressway, first rail logistics, and the first special economic zone. In 2001, there was a place in Korea called Songdo, which was such a scary and dark site. Jery Hynes, the Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, a real estate investment trust and the biggest billionaire in the real estate segment in the world, said they will turn this dark site into a smart city. Fourteen years later, it was a surprise to see how $59 billion has gone into the development of Songdo. India has no dearth of visionaries or doers. So, even India could do something like this as some of the top corporates are controlled by the Indians and still we are far behind.