elets Jnana Sangama 2016 – Expanding Education beyond the Campus Confines

  • 16-06-2016 06:42:06
  • Education

elets Jnana Sangama 2016 – Expanding Education beyond the Campus Confines, Integrating it with the local Industrial & Economic Ecosystems

Key Participants: http://heke.eletsonline.com/key-participants
Participating Institutes: http://heke.eletsonline.com/participating-institutes
Glimpses: http://heke.eletsonline.com/glimpses/day1

Key Themes:
1. Leader SPEAK Transitions & Transformations in Higher Education.
2. Expanding Higher Education beyond the Campus Confines Integrating it with the Local Industrial & Economic Ecosystems.
3. Making ICT Work in Higher Education Institutions Global Case Studies.
4. eGovernance in Higher Education Strategies & Paradigms.
5. Learning Outcomes of Higher Education in a Global Economic Scenario Learning.
6. Creating Global Knowledge Networks for CuttingEdge Collaborative Learning.
7. Determining the Direction & Levels of Research & Innovation Appropriate Applied & Advanced.

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