Elets BFSI CTO Summit – Panel Discussion – Leveraging Cloud and Datacenter for business benefits for banks and other Financial Services Providers

The growing amount of data in the Indian BFSI Sector with the several schemes under the Hon’ble PM of India’s supervision and vigilance needs careful handling and safe storage. The financial services industry is a fast paced, dynamic industry that is constantly pushing the use cases of information technology. The panel will be moderated to a very useful discussion how cloud should be leveraged for enabling business benefits of banks and financial service providers; with perspective from industry service providers as well.

Session Moderator:

Sanjay Narkar, Chief Technology Officer, IDFC Bank

Esteemed Panelists:

Anup Purohit, Chief Technology Officer, Yes Bank

K P Saha, Managing Director, Senrysa Technologies

Chandra Sankholkar, General Manager – West, Amazon Web Services

Key Themes

◆ Bankers’ role in technology ecosystem
◆ Latest technology analysis
◆ Building a digital platform for banks
◆ Ways to keep advance cyber threats at bay
◆ Defending against the unknown
◆ Blockchain revolution
◆ Payment Innovations
◆ Social Banking
◆ Optimising banking technologies : New Vistas
◆ Emerging technologies & impact on banking – benefits and challenges

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