India has a distinction in staggering number of strokes. According to ICMR, in 2010, India recorded 1.65 million strokes and it’s second most cause of death in the country. Strokes are also the first common cause of disability in India. Strokes are now happening more amongst the young populace. We have youngsters with heart attacks, diabetes and strokes. According to various publications, almost 30 per cent of all strokes are happening in young Indians. So, strokes among young people are extremely important societal concern. The ground reality is different despite having all advancements in healthcare. The first basic requirement to deal with strokes is time because every minute which lapses after a blood vessel is clogged is crucial for survival.
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#Elets Technomedia, the premier technology and media research organisation of Asia and the Middle East, has spread its wings in India and across the world over the years Since 2003 it’s been championing the cause of the governments, building knowledge-sharing platforms and highlighting importance of ICT for governance, health, education, urban development, and banking and finance sectors through conferences, publications, and knowledge portals.

Be its #eGov, #DigitalLearning, #eHealth or The #Banking & Finance Post publications, they have highlighted ICT’s role to build a Knowledge Society.

Elets’ global conferences have invariably created knowledge sharing platforms of top-notch thinkers, and industry leaders linked to various arenas. Be it eASIA, Malaysia, in 2006 or eASIA, Sri Lanka, 2009, eASIA, Bangaldesh, in 2011 or Global Innovation Conference, UK, 2016 or World Education Summits in India and Dubai were just a few of them.

In India, Elets’ conferences have fascinated various.

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