Customer expectations across industries are transforming rapidly. A few years ago, if you emailed a brand and received a revert from them after months, you were more than delighted to hear from them. But the scenario has changed completely now. Today, every customer wants real-time, personalised and effective engagement from the brand he is associated with, says Vishal Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Locobuzz Solutions.

Why AI and ML vital for Digital Customer Experience?

While addressing a presentation titled, “Application of ML and AI in Digital Customer Experience,” at Elets Gamechanger Summit, Goa, Agarwal explained how customer have refined their requirements and inclined towards services that are connected to them in real-time.

“Customers want, what we popularly refer to as Netflix engagement. They want to continue the conversation over Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn exactly from the point they left last time. Exactly the way it happens when you watch a movie in your devices,” he added.

So, the big question is, how are you handling this? To be very honest, if you are a brand with significant interactions in the digital world, you would have to take care of an interesting challenge. There are a lot of ways to look at it. A lot of times you look at the internet and start believing in the happenings, which is not the case, in reality, he added.

If the internet can help a brand boost its popularity, it can also diminish the same, if not used wisely. And especially it becomes a huge challenge for large brands to use technology with utmost care. I am sure, you all must be aware of what happened to infibeam stock prices. Just because somebody was too creative with their Whatsapp and this is something that we see quite constantly, stated Agarwal.

Starbucks can get 2.3 billion profit for a misplaced coffee cup which is not even Starbucks’ cup, similarly, a brand can also lose its value if the use of technology is not tapped.

Talking about the problems associated with technology, he said, “It is literally impossible to solve this problem without the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Because you just cannot expect human beings to solve this problem as the scale keeps going up. There is absolutely no other way to resolve it in an effective manner.”

A lot of people ask me the difference between AI and ML. In simple words, ML is the ability to learn from data automatically and the other is the ability to make decisions, he sated.
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