GT Venkateshwara Rao, Commissioner, Department of Meeseva, IT, Government of Telangana.

  • 18-05-2019 09:13:12
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KE Goa 2019: Presenting themselves physically before the pension disbursing authority is a great deal of inconvenience and difficulty for a lot of pensioners across India. But soon this challenge for the elders depending on their pensions for subsistence will be a thing of past in #Telangana — thanks to an initiative by the Department of #Meeseva that a new mobile app has been rolled out that authenticates the identity of pensioners in real-time through a selfie clicked on their smart phones from the comfort of their homes.

“We were looking for some kind of real time authentication of identity through mobile phone primarily using #AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. One very interesting application we have rolled out using these technologies is pensioners’ life certificate through selfie that was launched in March 2019,” said GT Venkateshwara Rao, Commissioner, Electronic Service Delivery and Meeseva, Information Technology, Government of Telangana.

Currently there are three methods employed for life certification of pensioners — one, where they have to physically present themselves before the pension disbursing officer and fill up a form to prove they are alive; two, where they have to go to a bank to fill up the form and submit it to the bank manager; and three, where they have to go to the Meeseva centre and give their fingerprint. In all the three cases the pensioner has to go out of the house and there are finger print mismatch issues as well.

“We were looking at revolutionising this process and do it differently compared to the way it was done, without compromising on the accuracy. When we looked at the things as they were, we found that there were basically two-factor authentication systems in place. The first one was card plus OTP and the second was the biometric-based system where you have to submit your Aadhaar number followed by biometrics, which is very authentic minus there are issues with children and elders due to fingerprint issues and it needs a hardware. The cost of the second system is high and there are certain restrictions owing to a recent court judgement,” said Rao while speaking at the Knowledge Exchange Goa 2019.
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