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9th KE Goa 2019: Hyderabad is not a smart city for various reasons. But the city has seen a lot more smarter initiatives which are ongoing and a lot of innovations are happening in the city, says Hari Chandana Dasari, Additional & Zonal Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

“Like Chennai, Hyderabad has embarked on a programme to restore its water bodies and we are already mid-way through our experience on that. We have also converted all our street lights into LED. Hyderabad is the first metropolitan city to have done that. As a result of that, we ended up with energy savings of nearly 40 percent which is worth about Rs 40 crores annually for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC),” Dasari said while speaking at the Elets #KnowledgeExchange Goa 2019.   

Post that, now GHMC is also into IoT monitoring of the metering and LEDs, which may allow the civic body to do another 10 percent of energy savings, she informed.

#GHMC is massively into road development and infrastructure improvement. The Metro rail network, now in its phase-2 operations, is one of the most successful Metros in the country. “We are also doing work on the lake restoration front. We had around 215 lakes in the past but we lost 50 of them and now we are left with only 185 lakes. The problem of urban lakes, especially in big cities, is not only about water quality or the protection of the water body but also about seeing that it is not encroached upon,” Dasari added.  

To address these issues, the corporation decided to make the water body a social space. “We needed a public place that was created on the basis of public ownership and partnership. We roped in local people around the water bodies to look after it and adopt it. So, we created a synergy between civil society, the residential colonies, the government, which is the corporation, and our CSR partners who are the implementing agencies of the project,” the Additional & Zonal Commissioner of GHMC said.
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