“Colleges are focusing a lot on enhancing academic skills of students. However, students lack in the most important skills i.e. life skills. We are working with campuses across the country to built programmes that help in nurturing life skills among students,” says Dr Dhaval Mody, Director, RoundGlass College Wellbeing.

“Nowadays, colleges are talking about three things: Admissions, Placements, and Retention of students. When Colleges talk about admissions, they emphasise on how their curriculum is different and the infrastructure they are providing to the students,” he added.

Dr Mody suggested that the institutes are needed to focus on things that may help students to be successful in life. He stated, “Placements has been a big thing when it comes to higher education institutes. The colleges are striving hard to get their students placed in the reputed organisations. But the industry requirements are very different and colleges are required to bridge that gap. We have collaborated with various colleges in all the aforesaid domains working for the mental health and well being of the students.”

He also described about the programme offered by his organisation. According to him, “Our programme has two modules: one is on campus and the other one is online. In today’s scenario, we are into so many things that we forget to be happy. Nowadays, students don’t feel happy despite having various facilities whereas earlier students used to study under street lamps and also used to find happiness in that.”
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