eGov Symposium Andhra Pradesh – Cyber Security and Challenges – Shri Nikhil Agarwal, CEO, Innovation Society, Department of IT, Electronics & Communications, Government of Andhra Pradesh

In the coming decade, a proper cyber security framework will be indispensible for any business. In the burgeoning digital age almost everyone owns advanced gadgets like smartphones, laptops, ipads, etc. and online communication has become crucial. So, it has become easy for anyone to hack passwords and cause severe loss. Even a single security attack, in the form of a virus, can damage a country’s governance. Knowing the importance of cyber security, the Andhra Pradesh government is working hard to set up a fully integrated cyber security infrastructure which will open ample opportunities for the collaborating companies. We will make some significance announcements regarding the same within next 2-3 months and the state government is expecting feedback from the industry as well. Andhra Pradesh will also develop centers exclusively for cyber security startups. The new companies can turn into really big companies who would be able to provide services even to the outside world.
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