Almost 18 months back, we decided that we have to scale a big way. We came up with RenalCare Hospital ad exceeded 105 successful kidney transplants. Our role was to bring up three more institutions. One was the rapid deployment model. We opened up this centre with 13 dialysis machines, a diagnostic centre and OPD clinic. This was the model we planned to deploy in 16 cities.

We are also setting up a cancer oncology centre with surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, as a joint venture with HCG. Another is a multispecialty secondary care hospital.

The approach for agile was to have a disconnect development from the existing ERP, speak to the users, develop a very legitimate solution as a pilot project and then venture into other areas. Further, we brought in a model wherein people will be giving feedback. So, the application throws the relevant information to the relevant stakeholders. The voice file also has an escalation matrix, it gets thrown to a couple of specific people. We have a proper feedback mechanism wherein we get back to the patients, speaking to them touching the base. We feel that yes, we have addressed and this is what we are doing completely on open source.
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